Letter Home

Wednesday, April 30th,2008
Hi Mom and Dad,

Hey what’s going on well things here are good. The area is all right we have been working our butts off, hopefully it will soon all pay off. Well sucks to hear the Suns are already out of the play offs. I just got the card you sent me from the zoo yesterday but I still haven’t got my blanket and stuff,but its probably in the mission office well Elder Farmer some times brings stuff out it just depends. I am going to try and send a couple more pictures home in a couple days. Could you send me my volcom tie its like a cream color with stripes? Could you send it to me please? I also would like this kind of razor, the one that vibrates you put a triple a battery in them with a couple blades. We only get 181 bucks each which is the highest paying mission I think. Stuff is really expensive here! Is Daniel getting excited to leave? Tell him to live it up while he has the chance! Dad you are lucky you don’t live in New Jersey with a diesel, the diesel here is 4.39 a gallon. It’s crazy you don’t really see trucks here and it is illegal to pump your own gas. There is some weird laws here that’s for sure. Tell me also when would be the best time to call on Mothers Day we are a 3 hours time difference . I think I can call pretty much whenever just not when I am in church of course. Tell me next week. Tell everybody “Hi” for me back home. Tell Jayson he better write me I have written him 2 weeks in a row and he didn’t write me back. It has been pretty cold the last couple days, it has been raining too. Oh, that jacket is not water proof when your in the rain a couple hours its all good, but at least I never get cold. Tell me how everything is going? I will try to send you a letter this week. Have a good one see ya soon..{ joke} Only 23 more months! Thanks so much for the support.

Love Elder Colten Wells

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