Wednesday, May 21st letter home

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Hey what’s up?
Well things here are good. Sounds like things back home are really busy; things are really busy here too. We are working really hard we have been getting lots of return appointments which are always really good. We have pretty busy days now which I enjoy a lot just talking and teaching people about the restored church it’s great. Well sounds like Logan is just having a good old time at home tell him not to get too used to it because he will be back before he knows it. I know he will continue to make those right choices cause a mission really helps you a lot you grow up so fast I know he is a smart kid that’s why he will bet back out there and finish his mission up he only has 14 months left that’s not very long I have almost 22 months. The only thing that sucks is I was hoping to gain some time back on him so I don’t know if they will count it for his mission if he is home for a couple months cause we can be coming home closer now but well see what happens but it would be so much cooler if we weren’t 8 months apart.

Doreen came to church last week but she is not fully comfortable so she is now going to get baptized on June 1st ,hopefully we can follow through, that would be awesome! About Sam we go see him tonight and he is doing alright. I went on exchanges Monday with my zone leader Elder Blodgett he is from California he is way cool I like him a lot that crazy thing is he left the same time as Mike Kleinman and Matt Jones. I told him about Matt and come to find out that was his companion in the MTC. Elder Blodgett is a Spanish Elder also like Matt Jones.

I got both cards the McDonalds gift cards Thank You so much! I will be using those any day. Tell everybody I say hello, I love you all, keep working hard back home! I will do the same and I think I will be staying here this next transfer that’s what my Zone Leader told me.
Love you all have a good week.

Love, Elder Colten Wells

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