April 2nd, 2009
(Colten was a day late on his email... I thought it was a mean April fool's joke..He said he was busy at the mission home and with appointments. OK, I guess he is forgiven!)
HEY Mom and Dad!
How is it going? Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I just didn't have time. No, it wasn't a April Fool's joke either. We went and helped at the Mission Home from 9 am till about 1:00, and then we had appointments and didn't get home till after 4 pm. Then we had laundry and shopping to get done. So, that is why we are emailing today. Well, it has been a good week. Oh, could yuo send me some of the space bags, the ones that you hook up to a vacumn? I need to send some things home, and also pack my suitcases. I think I will be leaving this next transfer. I will be in Scotch Plains for almost 6 months, so it is about time for me to transfer. Only time will tell though. The District Leader assignment is going well. I have to call them each night, and see how there day went. I also teach the district meeting on Mondays, so it isn't that bad. I think we are watching conference at the Church, we are hoping to have some investigators come too. I am excited, I really am intriged by Pres. Eyring and am hoping that he will be a speaker. Well have a great week. I love you. Elder Wells

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Dena Dewey said...

He is over the hump...whew! He sounds like he is ready to move on to his next area...suitcase already packed!haha.