March 25th, 2009
Hi Mom and Dad!
Well how is it going? Things are good here in New Jersey. We are having a good day we are going bowling today at 11 with Bro.and Sis. Haley and Don our investigator. Our investigators are doing really well. We are working well with the members and our less actives. We have a couple that we are working with and they both came to church the last 2 weeks, which is really good! We are just showing them lots of love and so are the members so its great. The area is great here we are working hard and having lots of success thats for sure. I didn't send home a memory card so thats ok.(he sent a letter home, and the end was opened) Well ,you said that you sent a package? I haven't gotten a package, did you send it to the office or to the house? Well either way I haven't gotten it. Everything is going really well. Oh, I just called my zone leaders and they said I think that I have a package, so I hope that I do that would be great. Well lets see one year tomorrow... thats crazy it seems like I haven't been out that long. Time is going way too quick I don't understand it sometimes I will be honest. But its all right. I love you guys so much you are in my prayers every day! I appreciate everything you do for me! Have a good week. Love, Elder Wells

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