Monday, December 7th, 2009

Hello,what is going on Mom? Sounds like things are going pretty well for you. Lets see things are pretty good here nice and cold thats for sure but its all good. I am getting used to it again. Yes,we were able to watch the christmas devotional we watched it at the church last night it was great! President Monson is so good at telling stories it was really good I enjoyed it. I am not sure if the gps came in, one of our zone members picked up the mail for us because we had a appointment this morning so I will find out tommorrow if not I will get it next week. Thanks so much for that! A member gave us a little fake tree yesterday for our house which is pretty cool first christmas tree in almost 2 years I didn't have one last year so its kinds nice to get one this year. We have been really working hard we are really trying to get new investigators but its been really difficult but we are doing are very best thats all we can do. Wow, I miss Charleston's restrauant so much that amazing soup and sandwhich is so good! Sounds like Aardbark has been busy, and you are working hard. How is the business going? Has work slowed down much or is it about the same? Thanks so much for sending the new bank card, that would stink to be without it if i needed it. Oh thanks for the stamps also. Well things are going ok here like I said just trying to work as hard as possible. Well I am not to sure if I am doing the christmas cards again just cause its takes some time and it seems like I hardly have time anymore just always too busy. I will try can't promise but I will try to get at least one for you! Well I am trying really hard to finish the B of M right now before christmas thats what President Bahr wants us to do so thats what I am working on, I have to read about 12 pages a day to finish so I am going to do that for sure. That is about all that is going on here, we get to talk like in 18 days which is not very far at all. I hope you have a great week I love you and miss you and I might be emailing late next week cause I am going to the temple Saturday with our ward so that will be our P-Day for next week. So if you don't get a email next Monday that is why. I love you!
Elder Colten Wells

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