First Letter Home 4/1/08

(Letter wrote on 3/27/08)

Well I just got thru with my first whole day. Wow, it was so long, I wanted to fall asleep, a couple of hours ago but you just can’t. Well it is okay because we are learning a lot, too much. They also want you to do all these things and you have no time to do them so it is pretty hard to do what they ask.
My companion is Elder Serale, he is from a little town in Idaho called Burlie. He is a way cool kid, we get along really good. I think he is a jock, but I can hang with him. We have 2 other Elders in our room Elder Mayberry from Sierra Vista, AZ and his companion is from Texas and his name is Elder Farrer, they are pretty cool too. Well there is 5 of us going to New Jersey, Morristown the other 3 in our Zone are going to the Nevada, Las Vegas Mission. I think we have the best Zone!
Well the food here is great, everybody says it is good. Well the truth is it is the worst food I have ever EATEN, the only good thing is I feel like I have already lost 10 pounds! I have not finished one full meal yet, out of the 4 meals I have eaten, it probably equals about 1 or maybe 1½ meals. It tastes just like prison food, I bet. Well I guess I will get used to it, I hope or just loose a bunch of weight which will be really good!
Well, I need to brush my teeth, cause I have to get to bed in a couple of minutes. Well I love you both so much, and am so grateful for everything you do for me. I hope to hear from you soon.
Love, Elder Wells

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