letter 4/8/2008

Hey what's going on? Well I am doing my laundry. Time is going by so fast I leave one week from today it will be great! We are checking out of the MTC at 6am our flight leaves from Salt Lake to New Jersey at like 9:30 So Dad and you make sure you answer your phones! It is a straight shot about 5 hours. I am kind of scared but it will be ok. I am sure! Hopefully I have a really good trainer but I guess time will tell. Tell Jayson to write me I sent him a letter like a week ago. I just sent some pictures today and a letter for you and Dad. Tell Dad it should be there soon. Well I just taught the second lesson yesterday it went pretty well I was pretty happy how I taught. My companion is being pretty cool he thinks he is kind of bad as in tough, cause he was the football star at his school so I asked to arm wrestle him and of course he thought he would kill me but I beat him so he doesn't talk trash to me anymore. Its funny cause he is pretty big and works out all the time. So were all good now he doesn't say how bad he is to me anymore. Tell Daniel to study preach my gospel lesson 1 and 2 and 3 he will love it right away if he knows some stuff before he comes in here that's just what I think its just words of advise. I wish I would have it would have helped so much. Well I have seen Chase like 6 or 7 times we always talk when we see each other. Well I only have a couple min left so I am going to send a little letter to Logan. Thanks so much for everything! I have been getting the dearelder letters and I just got the coat and everything else. I love you both.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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