The MTC March 26th, 2008

Well after spending 2 wonderful days in Utah, it was time to drop Colten at the MTC. Those 2 days went by way too fast....We had a great time just being together! Colten wanted to eat lunch at Red Lobster, but he could not even eat, he was so nervous. Well we finished lunch, and arrived at the MTC, we had to circle past, Colten said he just wasn't ready yet. I am trying so hard to be positive for him! Ok, here comes the MTC...... and he says okay he is ready. So into the lot we pulled, the greeters were there to grab the suitcases, Everett went to park the car, and meet us out front. Time for some last photos of our Elder.

The typical MTC pose, by the sign.

Okay, here is the last together shot...

Ready or not... Elder Wells here you go!

Since I got the honors of putting Logan's badge on in July,
I thought it was only fair for Dad to put Colten's on.

I was actually doing fine emotionally until, I looked
at that badge.... ELDER WELLS I lost it, Colten
worked so hard to be able to serve a Mission. I am so
proud of him, when he made the decision to serve he never
wavered. I will miss him, but would not want either of
my boys in any other place.
"God be with you till we meet again"

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