Colten arrived in New Jersey..

April 17th, 2008

Dad and Mom,

Hey how are things at home? Well I am here. Wow is it crazy. The east coast is way different. My trainer is Elder Memott he is way cool I like him a lot we live in a half way decent place. There is 2 other Elders that live with us they also are really cool their names are Elder Soon and Elder Rust they are Spanish Elders. I guess I better tell you where I am at, I am in north Newark which is way crazy like the hood at home times 100. It is wild but we went out street contacting which isn't to hard, we knocked on a couple doors then had an appointment with some lady name Lucy and her daughter they are really nice we just read the BOM with her and answered questions it was so cool the spirit was way crazy when she was talking. As far as I hear the baptisms are pretty scarce here hardly ever lets just say my companion told me we are in a little branch, there is no bikes in this mission too dangerous cars or walking and if you walk you can take the buses and we don’t have a car were walking missionaries so we got to ride a ghetto bus yesterday. Don’t send packages to my apartment, cause they will get stolen. But you can send mail.. We can’t have iPods the President just made everybody send them home so cd players are ok but just wait on that and wait on the shoes cause I don’t have to wear a suit so I might not need them. I normally have p days on Wednesday but I need to get some food and stuff today. Can you send me my blanket? Because it got pretty cold last night. I am going to buy a pillow today at Wal-Mart. I had jersey pie last night we ordered it, it was cheap jersey pie it was only 5 bucks but it was pretty good for 5 dollar pizza the Elders in our room said there is bomb pizza here . I guess I will see. I only have a couple min left so write me soon!
Love you both so much! Sorry if I didn’t answer all of your questions.

Love Elder Colten Wells

Here are some pictures that Colten sent from the MTC

It snowed 4 inches, the second week he was there.

Here is Colten with his Companion, Elder Searle (from Burley, ID)

Here is Colten with his District from the MTC

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Dena Dewey said...

I can't believe he is really there and knocking on doors. It seems like they were all just here going to the temple every other day with Chad. He sounds like he is doing great. When you get is address let us know.

The Dewey's