Wednesday, April 24th, 2008

Hey what’s up Dad and Mom?
Well tell me about back home, how things are going and what’s up. Well I have been here for a week in the field 3 days. I have been gone for a month which is kind of crazy, huh? The work is good we do a lot of contacting on the streets and knocking doors either way it’s pretty cool. We usually have 1 or 2 appointments a day which is not that much but we will get a lot more than that soon I hope. We have been seeing a guy name Sam he is way cool. but of course he is kind of crazy he actually killed his brother a while back used to be on every drug you can think of but he only smokes now and drinks every now and then. But he always hooks me up with a Pepsi every time. I got your mail on Monday and the greenie package Thanks so much. Today I am going to send home the memory card and a letter. I have been recording stuff just not to much so when it gets full I will send it the same with camera card. We don’t carry our cameras, cause I don’t want to get mugged. I don’t take to many pictures but I will do my best when I can. I started running with all the all the Elders in my apartment its pretty cool we run about 2.5 miles every morning. My companion is from Utah. We are still getting along pretty good. We had training yesterday but I don’t think we have anymore but I could be wrong but I think that was it. There are tons of Puerto Ricans everywhere like 8 out of 10 are from PR its kind of crazy. We don’t get fed at all but its ok I am picky any ways. My companion has been out since June 6 so like 10 months. Everything is pretty good here I am enjoying it a lot. Tell everybody hi for me. Well love you both so much thanks for everything you do and have done.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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Dena Dewey said...

Wow!! I love the picture. He sounds great. Kind of scary area. I Understand the Pepsi thing...no wonder Colten is one of my favorites. We sure miss having those kids around.