Letter, May 28th, 2008

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Hey. How is it going? Well New Jersey is so sweet I love it here. Things are going great. I just got done with my first transfer which is pretty crazy the time is going pretty fast but I am really enjoying my time in north Newark I am staying here my companion Elder Memmott is going to East Orange with one of the Elders that came in with me Eder Marble. I am getting a new companion name Elder Supo he is from Tonga he has 2 transfers left he is supposedly huge like 6.4 like almost 300 pounds which will be probably be pretty cool.
We had a baptism on Monday night with Doreen it was so awesome I loved it. Elder Memmott baptized her I will try to send home some pictures as soon as I can.

I have tried some pretty interesting food lately, we met this lady in the street and she didn’t want to talk to us but my companion started talking about fu fu that is some food that Africans make so she then just fell in love with us. We have gone over there two different times and she has made us food but she is from Ghana but they made us fu fu and peanut butter soup its was nothing special but I can at least say that I have eaten it I wouldn’t ask for it again.

I wouldn’t mind some more white shirts short sleeve yesterday was like 100 percent humidity or it felt like it wasn’t that hot but it does make it feel a lot hotter with humidity.

Yesterday the new missionaries came in so I am not the newest missionary any more also I told you about when I came out we did the fear buster where we went to Broad and Market which is still in my area but the AP’s called us up and wanted us to go down there for the fear buster so I got to be a street pop, it was pretty cool it is where the new missionaries partner up with the older missionaries and then we go talk to people show them how to street contact pretty much it was way cool there was 9 new missionaries that came it so I had Elder Clark he was pretty cool he thought I was like amazing, but the funny thing is I don’t know half as much as the rest of the missionaries but it was cool cause all of the other missionary pops have all been out for like 1 year or longer well then there is me I have been for 6 weeks so I loved it.

I loved the razor by the way, well I can’t think of anything I need right now but I will think of something I need when I am done that’s just how it works. Things are great here. Well hope everything is going great. Well love you all! Love, Elder Colten Wells

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