letter Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Hi Family,
Hey what’s up? Well we are kind of late emailing today cause we had to go to a funeral, we went with the Spanish Elders Rust and Soon they both still live with us in north Newark. I had never meet the guy either, but we just went cause he used to be a member there were 6 people there us four missionaries and the caretaker and her son but that was kind of crazy. I took a bunch of pictures of him. Things here are great I will send home some pictures.
Sam is not progressing that much but we continue to try and help him out. We committed a guy name Freddy last night to get baptized on June 29 he has been investigating for about 5 years now. He said he would pray about it so we are going to pray for him to help him receive an answer so hopefully that will turn out good. I have not got the package yet but hopefully soon. Dinner appointments with members don’t happen very much once in a blue moon we might get lucky, but it’s alright. Things here are great we get to go to the Manhattan temple this transfer which should be pretty cool we will probably go in about a week or so were not to sure yet. You should send some Taco Bell coupons I already used all the McDonalds ones. That’s crazy that Daniel leaves in like 2 weeks that’s pretty cool though. He will love it, I am enjoying my mission so much. Well I hope everybody is doing well and I am down to like 195 to 200 pounds, so hopefully I kept losing weight, that would be nice! Well I love you all! Have a good week.
Elder Colten Wells

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