Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Well things here are great. well I am going to send back those shirts but can you send back my memory card I am going to the temple in a couple days and I want to be able to take lots of pictures my memory card is about full. Could you send me a new black belt cause the one I have is staining my shirt black I have been told cause its a cheap belt but I don’t really know so I don’t really want to be ruining shirts the last couple days here have been really hot its a lot different than AZ the humidity is pretty bad here the last couple days have been about 95 and 98 which is really hot here with the humidity some members said that Monday and Tuesday have been the hottest since like 1934 but I don’t really know how true it is we have a huge storm last night the power went out about 830 and it came back on some time in the middle of the night also some sees candy would be great I am craving that stuff also some of that sour cream and onion dip we would always get they don’t have that here either if you could send me a couple packs of it that would be really cool I am going to try and put my memory card and a cd that we listen to out here its the best cd I want you to make Logan a copy he will love it and save me the cd I want it for when I get home its approved by our mission president buy hopefully I send that in a couple days my companion just gave me a hair cut last night its nice and short I like it though he gives great haircuts I guess he has been doing it his whole mission so he is like a expert that’s so good to here that logan will be able to go back in about 3 weeks that’s great I guess somebody really does answer our prayers huh well I am happy for him. Well Freddy is doing great hopefully we can still get him baptized on June 29 that would be sweet but will see. I sent dad a father’s day card yesterday so I should be there soon. we are meeting with a guy name James Hudson the guy is pretty crazy he had talked with the jw a lot that is Jehovah WITNESSES of course so he has a lot of messed up doctrine but were working with him well I hope you guys are all doing good did you ever find out about the taco bell gift cards there is also a burger king not to far from our house either but hope I have not asked for to much I love you all. I hope everything is going great I am keeping you all in my prayers so work hard.

Love, Elder wells

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