letter from Elder & Sister Kendrick

This was a letter I got in the mail, from the Kendricks...

June 2nd, 2008

Dear Brother and Sister Wells,
We are Senior Missionaries serving in the Newark area. We just wanted to write and and tell you how much we are enjoying your son Colten. He is off to a great start! He is polite, obedient, and a dedicated young man. Thank you for preparing him to enter the mission field with the very qualities that are required to be a sucessful missionary. It is a joy to be around him. He has such a great personality and everyone loves him. He is one of the happiest missionaries we know. He is always very respectful of us older missionaries. He is also a hard worker... he is one of the first to ask what we need done, and isn't afraid to do more than his share.
Sincerely, Elder & Sister Kendrick

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Dena Dewey said...

It's so great to hear such great compliments from others. Look's like he's doing great!!