Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Hey. Well I am going to try and answer all of your questions before my time is up, we get 60 min on the computer but if there is nobody waiting it gives us an extra 10 min. So I have 10 min so well see if I can answer them all the lady with me and the ties that is Carina Alvier she is a member she is like 25 or so but one of the Elders that used to live in our apartment came and got some of his stuff he left, but he said he took my ties but really he just hid them so she found out and bought a bunch of ties they were really cheap but its the thought that counts. Well the shoes were to big the belt fits good it seems to be a really nice belt it hasn’t stained my shirts at all. Yes I got the calendar and everything thank you that can be helpful. I got the shirts, Elder Supo says “Thanks”! We still see Freddy but he has backed out of getting baptized. Maybe he will soon who knows. We are just doing the best we can with him. About James Hudson the guy is really crazy we haven’t been there in like 2 weeks he is not on are priority list cause like I said he is pretty crazy. Oh Musa is a muslin we meet with he lives in the same place as Sam but on the second floor way cool guy I love him he is so nice, but supper poor but the nicest guy. I am getting sour cream today so I will tell you next week how that kind of green onion dip is. The gift cards were great the Burger King one I spent all at once I bought stuff for my whole apartment. But there was only 30.00 on it you said there was 40.00 just to let you know. I love gift cards another good one would be Papa Johns there is one not to far from our house. That would be good to have for dinner every now and then. If you can find a couple good cds that would be fine you could send them in a little cd holder then I can put the rest of my cds in it. We will see what the new MP thinks about iPods. I can’t watch DVDs I have no where to watch them. I don’t email Grandma because I don't have her email address. The mission conference was great yeah they gave there dying testimonies it was great.It was the last one for President and Sis. Parkinson. They leave next Monday. I'm going to miss them a lot. The Conference was amazing, and the Spirit was so strong. We also got to go to the Manhattan Temple on Saturday. It was amazing, I took lots of pictures and some videos. We took the train and did a lot of walking, we were gone almost all day. If you want to send some ties you can, we don’t do much tie trading here. I hope I answered all of your questions. I love you tons! Thanks for everything! Tell Dad I am going to write him a letter today. That is cool Morgan is going to get back out.
I love you all a ton!

Elder Wells

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Dena Dewey said...

I can't wait to see his pictures of the Manhattan temple. He sounds great.