Letter July 16th, 2008

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
Hey, I just had a huge letter wrote and I hit escape so it erased. Oh well. Things here are good I hope everything back home is good. That’s cool to here that you guys are looking to move, well it won’t really affect me because I am gone. I will kept you guys in my prayers. I am going to try and answer all of your questions, well the dip I loved the dip I still have some I bought a big thing of sour cream today and chips. The Branch I attend is tiny I thought that Spring Garden was small its twice as small there was 30 people there on Sunday and 11 of them were kids under the age of 8 and there were 4 missionaries us and the older Sister Missionaries Sis. Shupe and Sis. Davidson. My companion is Elder Cleaverly from Idaho, we work hard we knocked on doors for 13 hours in 3 days ask Logan about that, it is pretty hard work! We have a couple of new investigators we also have been doing lots of street contacting and I have got a couple really cool people out of it I met this girl she is a Brother of one of our members, we have a appointment with her on Friday. We went and saw 2 members yesterday that bought us Dominos pizza but it is not that good compared to jersey pie, that’s the only time we have gotten fed. The new zone seems like its pretty cool I really miss my old zone. I called Elder Soon from my old apartment last night cause I miss them. He was like he did too, we had the best house in the mission in Newark with people wise . Elder Searle is with Elder Sopu in north Newark. I really like driving its pretty cool. I cook when I have good stuff to cook, we just went to Sam's Cub today and me and Elder Merrill one of the Spanish Elders that lives with us, bought a ton of stuff to share he has a Sams club card. I haven’t had any jersey pie here yet so I will keep you posted on that. Oh there is one thing I need for sure and that’s my patriartical blessing, can you make it small so it will fit in my scriptures and laminated? That would be great. If your going to send a package again any time soon I will take more el pato but no rush. I wrote this twice because the first one erased. I love you all! Have a good one and tell Jayson to write me he hasn’t in like 4 weeks that punk.
Love you all! Have a good one work hard! Elder Colten Wells


elderdaniel said...

What a great letter. Sounds like he is working hard and having a good time. Looks like he had a good trip to New York City.

Dena Dewey said...

Colten looks like he is doing great!! I love the NY pictures!!