Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Hi Mom and Dad!
How are things going back home? Things here are pretty good!
I am the senior companion my new companion is amazing he is way cool, we get along great he is from southern California his name is Elder Jackman. You asked if I still live with Elder Aldridge and Elder Merrill I still live with Elder Merrill but he has a new companion his name is
Elder Flack which is way cool we all get along really well. My companion is a hard worker he is 19, of course I am like 28 months older than him. This is his second transfer. Dan (that is from AZ) is amazing, I love that guy! We get along great! You are so right, it is a small world for sure! We have interviews with our president on Friday which should be pretty cool he is a great guy! I tell you more about investigators through the mail. I just got a letter from Matt Wilbur which was pretty cool. I will defiantly write him back and see how he is doing. He says he is doing pretty good he says he is dating a Mormon girl. That was nice of him! You have a good week don’t get too tired from packing and unpacking! How is work going? How is Dad’s work going? Is he still working hard? Tell him and Grandpa to have fun in Alaska, I know they will! Yesterday was my 5 month mark that is crazy, I can’t believe it has been that long already doesn’t seem like it at all. I am glad everything is going good with you guys! I love you guys a ton! Have a good week the Lord loves you remember that!
Love, Elder Wells

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