August 20th, 2008

August 20th, 2008
Hey Mom and Dad,
How is it going? Well things here are great well there is good news I am staying in Bayonne my companion is going to East Orange for his last transfer supposedly. I don’t know how true it is I will find out in a couple hours but I will be getting a pretty young missionary he has been out for 6 weeks only, but again I don’t know if it is true but it would be really cool it was true I will be the Senior companion already. I willl write you and let you know for sure who my companion is. Lets see you asked about the girl Emma she moved to Pennsylvania but came back for a week so we are going to see her Friday night before she goes back. Oh, lets see a crazy story well remember the guy Dan I told you about he is in the Coast Guard here and he is from Gilbert AZ so of course he is way cool we have a ton of things in common he just turned 21 way cool guy. We went and visited him last night and were talking and guess who he knows he knows the Allen family like Bethany Allen, he dated her for like a year and a half, her Dad spoke at his baptism and stuff. Is that way crazy? We talked about that forever I told him that I had hung out with her for a couple months. This guy is way cool he is telling me we should hang out when I get home. He wants to come to my home coming, it’s a small world! That is pretty crazy that Logan is going to that little island, he will have a good time. I miss black people they are amazing I miss the ghetto a lot! But its all good. So it sounds like you guys are almost all the way moved it which is pretty good. Grandma wrote me I am going to write her back and tell her hello and happy birthday. How is work going? Tell all the girls hello for me tell them they can write me! Time is flying by out here its literally crazy how fast time goes I cant believe I have been gone for almost 5 months. Time as a missionary goes by twice as fast as normal time, I don’t know how it works but man its fast! We just got a new AP cause one just went home my old Zone Leader is the new AP, Elder Blodgett. I sent home pictures of me and him in new York so that is pretty cool! Well that is basically it for now .I love you, hope you have a good week !
Elder Wells

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