Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Hey! I am glad that you had a good birthday seems like you have some good friends or the friends you have really care about you which is always good. Well that’s not good that Dad sold a bunch of your stuff, that sucks I bet but it was just stuff, you can always get more. You know nothing to get to down about just remember life is good! You asked about my talk I didn’t write a talk at all which is pretty amazing I know, but the mission does that stuff to you makes you so much more knowledgeable! My talk was on enduring to the end I talked for about 20 min which is also amazing in its self but its true, people said it was good but I don’t really know. I felt pretty good about it. I was going to tape it for you, I brought it and everything but forgot to start the tape. Sorry, you probably wouldn’t be missing much anyways. You should get a letter today I about the investigators I sent it Tuesday actually like Thursday cause mail was closed Monday so they didn’t take it till yesterday. This area is amazing right now I love it! We are meeting good people everyday that are ready to hear the gospel, which is really exciting! The work is progressing for sure again. My companion and I are getting along great, I love him. Have a good week kept working hard! I hope you enjoy this letter. I love you tons, miss you see you soon. Love, Elder Colten Wells

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