Happenings in Bayonne

Colten sends weekly letters by mail. Yes, we are so lucky! So here are some of the highlights of his letters.

Colten talked in his Branch on Sunday, August 31st.
His topic was "Enduring to the End".
He said he talked for 20 minutes and didn't even write his talk,
gave it all straight from his head and heart!
Way to go Colten!

Colten and Elder Jackman have been working hard.
They are teaching and finding lots of investigators!
Here are a few of there names
Arlene, Lola, Andrew, Tammy, Bill and Mark

I guess he did not park the car off the street when the street sweeper was coming, and recieved a $42.00 ticket. But the great news is he paid the ticket!

He took some pictures to some deer in a park. Not much to brag about, he said the deer were small. I am sure he had to hold himself back, being the great hunter he is.


Stephanie said...

Lucky you - getting extra letters every week. Drew snail mailed one to us last Monday. He said to expect it in 2010. Maybe it will get here before he does!

Glad to hear of the success in Jersey.

Dena Dewey said...

It sounds like Colten is a terrific missionary and working hard. I love his picture by the bridge.