Hello Family!
How is it going? Sorry I am so late today. The Hayley's took us bowling this morning, we had a really good time. They are the nicest people in the world for sure. Yes we are still working with Don, he is coming along and is clean. His girlfriend is a alcholohic, so he kicked her out he said he prayed about it and that is what he had to do. We are hoping she stays gone, as she just drags him down big time. All we can do is pray for him each day. Yes, conference was aweseome. I love Pres. Eyring, he is always so humble. He is always my favorite speaker! I also loved L. Tom Perry, and his talk on missionary work. Us missionaries are the teachers and members are the finders. Well things are great here, and sounds like things are going great back home too. I don't have much time, we have some appointments. I am hoping to get back on tomorrow. I love you. Elder Wells

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