Letter May 13th,2009

Hey, whats up Dad and Mom?
Well things are good as you know, since i just talked to you guys a couple days ago. Thanks so much for sending that package I will probably have it by Tuesday which will be good. We are working with some people but not too many, we are trying to find a lot more that we can work with. So we will see how that goes soon. I am going to write some letters today tell Dad I am going to write him today. When is Dad going for surgery? Be sure and tell me how it goes and everything else of course. Well time is just still flying by I just don't understand it at times. To be honest time goes to quickly at times! Well it sounds like evrything was going good for you guys. Well like I said everything is going great for me we are working hard, we want to find some people ready for baptism which I know we can do which will be great. Everything is going good here Mom and Dad so don't worry about me, I love you guys so much thanks for being the best parents ever and always being there for me
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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