Letter May 20th, 2009
Well its been a great week we are working hard we are trying to find people to be baptised by June 7 th, so that is our goal we have some time left I know we can do it cause we have the lord on our side thats for sure. Well everything is good here I can't believe that you went to New York that is pretty crazy especially cause you flew in to Newark which was crazy because that is not very far from where I live that is really crazy! (try to be a Mom that hasn't seen her son in 14 months, talk about a hard thing to do....but how do we teach obedience if we aren't obedient ourselves?) Everything is going well thats for sure! Sounds like you had a good time in NYC, tell me some of the things you did? Like where you stayed ? Oh and everything else just curious? Did you rent a car from Newark? Did you drive to NYC or did you take the path or NJ transitor? I am glad you were able to come over here and experince the east coast and see how many people are over here, it is pretty crazy. Well you happened to be here on one of the coldest days of the week thats for sure! I hope you have a good week and had a good time over here! I love you guys a ton ! Well I will talk to you next week. Love, Elder Colten Wells

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