Wednesday, July 1st
Hello, so what is going on? Things are really good here we are working hard and doing all we can. We are working the hardest we can which is going great! I love my companion he is a great guy for sure. We will be having a baptism this sunday for a girl that me and my old companion found her name is Sakina she is 17 which is really cool she has changed so much, and is so ready for baptism. So hopefullly we can help her follow through with this on Sunday. Everything is great we had amazing numbers again this last week. We have been working our tails off which is good. No, I haven't found my charger but I probably will when I get the one you sent. Because you know how that usually works. Oh, yes I am in zone 6, I will send you a thing with all the mission numbers so you can see what it looks like for my scrapbook. We went on a hike this morning with a member which was pretty cool but it took too much of our day up, but it was still fun though. About the 4th of July, I don't know what we are doing but I am sure something will happen. Everything is good here its starting to get nice and hot, but I am sure it is not as hot as back home. Have a good week! I love you guys let me know if there is anything new going on. I love you guys tons!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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