Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
Hey, how is it going family? Things are going ok here for me in New Jersey. Well you were asking if I got the charger I did get it and thanks for the videos you can make a lot more. I like to see things like that its really cool. Could you please send a couple pictures of my car I am beginning to think I don't have one any more or its wrecked. You asked about the baptism and it didn't go through she didn't show up to church but its ok she will probably be baptised in a couple weeks then well I hope so. Well you asked how often we meet as a zone every monday for district meeting and a lot in the morning for sports. Well you also asked if we do baptismal interviews we do our DL people getting baptised then they do the ones in their District then one of the DL does our interviews for people we have getting baptised. Well that is crazy that Logan has like 12 days until he comes home, I bet your really excited for that. Sorry we didn't email yesterday we were cleaning our house all day and we are still not done. Well the 4th of July we went to a members house that had a party so we were there till about 9:30 then we went and tried to watch fire works and we couldn't see any so we just went home. We just didn't really care. Well yes I am still losing weight I have been running about 2.5 miles every morning and watching what I eat I just broke 190 this morning I am down to 189 today so thats good I am feeling much better but I am still trying to loose quite a bit more because I want to be a lot slimmer when I get home. That is pretty crazy that Justin and Lorin's baby is due at the end of the month tell them I say congrats that is really cool for them. I have been meaning to ask you about Morgan and I always forget but he just has his physical and his papers get turned in again? I am so excited for him, and cannot wait to see where he will be going. Tell him to write me! I hope you guys are doing good things are good here. Oh, by the way I had to rent a carpet cleaner on my home card so the mission is going to pay me back so they will write me a check then I will send it home so you can put in back in my account. I hope everything is going well for you guys have a great week ! I love you guys!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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