Monday, August 17th, 2009
Hello... What is going on Mom? Well again its been another week here in New Jersey, just working hard trying see many miracles each day which we do which has been great for sure. Well lets see you wanted a story I have a couple crazy stories as you know I am in the ghetto... well yesterday I saw a Mom and a daughter fighting the daughter was trying to get away and she ripped of her shirt and yeah it was all hanging out (hum, I wonder what was hanging out?) it was really crazy though. Then theday before that we saw a white girl get jumped by about 3 black chicks it was pretty nuts but thats just a couple of the crazy things we have saw lately. Things are just going good. Oh, you said that you made some enchiladas the other day wow that sounds amazing and good. There is no good mexican food out here its not AZ , I can tell you that for sure. Wow, it ispretty crazy how everyone is starting to come home from their missions, but thats what happens you leave then you come back sooner than later. Thanks so much for always sending me packages they are always great, and I appreciat them for sure! Transfers are coming again really soon. Time is just breezing by so before I know it transfers will be here. Do you think you could make some more videos and send them to me that would be great some videos of everyone? Well I have to go we are at a new library today, the one we normally go to is closed till next week. I love you tons thanks so much for everything, you are the best! I hope you have a great week, I know that I will! I am always excited to hear from you! Take care make sure you tell Morgan to let me know when he gets his call! I love you tons!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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