Monday, August 10th, 2009
Hey whats going on? Well lets see things are great here, I have been working really hard this past week which was great. We are seeing lots of miriacles everyday. Zone conference went great. Us zone leaders have to do traning now they call it breakout during the zone conference so we had 1 hour to train our zone we trained on finding with faith and planning so it went great it went really well, President Bahr and 1 of the assistants sat in on ours they said it went great. This coming Friday we have president interviews so we have to do some more training there, I know it will go well I am not worried. Funny you don't even know how I am anymore remember how frightned I was to give talks or to do anything like that? Well not any more the mission is the best, it has helped me grow and learn in many diferent ways thats for sure! It has definetly been the best thing I have ever done! Well, I guess you do have a idea cause Logan has grown up so much he is so different its great! Yes,there should be so video clips on the memory card the thing is full there is like ove 3oo pictures on it. Elder Decker and I are doing great together we are getting along pretty well. That is really cool that you and Logan went to California and got to see "So you think you can dance", I bet it was super sweet and really crazy. Thanks so much for everything I really appreciate it alot! I have to sign out and log back in so hopefully it will let me do that. I love you tons!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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