Monday, September 21st, 2009
Hi everyone...Well things are going great here. We are just working really hard every day,that is for sure! I was looking on your blog that you have for me and it says that that my 5th area is Patterson and I am actually in Hackettstown so you may want to change that. Things are alright here, we are working with some great people right now. My companion is driving now cause he will probablybe here longer than me they usually don't let you stay ZL longer than like 5 transfers they want to give others the oppurtunity so I will probably stay one more transfer then go to my last area for 3 transfers, so he has to know the area better than I do. You asked what I would want in a package? Well of course peanut butter m&m's are always great! But whatever you send is always good. I really don't need any clothes I have way too many as it is. Sounds like you had a great time in New York, I am glad you did! I pray for everyone everyday especially our family! I will try and get some good pictures for you and send them home, I will start taking alot more pictures of things. We get fed every so often from members, it is pretty good nothing to complain about for sure. People keep asking us if we need anything so we are going to start telling them we need a gallon of milk or just whatever and see if it works. Sounds like Grandpa and Grandma are doing well that is cool that you took them to dinner. This computer is starting to act stupid so I hope that you can get this before it messes up. I love you all tons and I do miss you. Oh, maybe a good gift card for my 18 month mark that would be cool if you could do that for me. I hope everything works out I hope work is going well for you. I love and miss you all tons. Love, Elder Colten Wells

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