Monday, September 14th, 2009
Hey whats going on Mom? Well things are going good here I just had a nice long email written and the computers just shut off which stinks for sure! We are at a little community college but its all good. Things here are ok we are working hard my comapnion is great we are getting along really well. Yes, I am still running every morning so that is good. So you are still in Michigan? That is pretty cool sounds like you have been pretty busy with everything there as well, sounds like you had a good time in New York thats for sure. You said Logan went out to Utah, what did he go out there for? I think our next temple trip is like December. No, I haven't gotten the post card maybe I will get it today but who knows? I think it would be ok to send packages to our apt, the neighborhood is pretty safe. I think they will just leave it in front of our little apartment. I guess we will find out... I could use some more green onion dip, you know the good stuff! I hope everything for you is going good. Things are great here for us! Thanks so much for everything I love you tons and miss you guys! Wow, almost 18 months down 6 more to go! Sorry this is not to long I had a long one and the computer shut off. Tell everyone I love them!
Love, Elder Wells

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