Hello Mom
What is going on? Well another great week, also another week done which is crazy to think of for sure. Well things are good here, I am just working super hard doing all we can to try and build up the area as much as possible. Sounds like you had a fun time in Colorado. The weather here has been pretty decent, it has been in low 30's and high 40's, and supposed to snow tomorrow, but here you never know if it will actually happen. I am going to pack a few boxes and send them home to you. They are pretty expensive to send, the flat rate boxes went up in postage. I am going to think about how to send them. We committed some people to baptism, but they still haven't came to church, and they have alot more progress to make so we will see what happens. I am excited to come home and see the family for sure, I am really starting to miss everyone. Have you recieved my flight information yet? I am just curious... Anyways, I love you! Have a good week.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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