Monday, February 1st, 2010

Hi Mom!
Well we found 2 amazing people this week, one is a jamacian lady that takes care of 2 older people in Madison. We found her while tracking which was great we taught her a first lesson, and it went very well we taught her yesterday the second lesson. We are going to comit her for baptism on Thursday when we see her again. On Saturday we met a sweet lady name Kerry she let us in we taught her a first and as we shared the first vision she started to tear up she said I can feel the spirit, so it was really good we are going to go back and teach here this next week. That is great that Jayson and Tina are coming for the weekend, be sure and tell them "Hello". Our cousin Alex sounds like a cool guy, can't wait to meet him! I believe those were a couple good experiences that I had this week. I love you so much! I will see you in 2 months, it is coming fast! take care. Love, Elder Colten Wells

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