Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Hey Mom and Dad,
Sorry I didn’t have much time today but I will write you a little more now. You said that you had to put Jenna to sleep that’s kind of sad but like you said she is in a better place now. . I don’t really need any more sour cream and onion dip I have like 6 or 7 left still but el pato that would be great. The See’s candy was not melted at all. I use the electric blanket I just don’t turn it on. Oh about music here, well that is one of the rules we just got, we cant listen to music any more, it kind of sucks but what can we do about it? About the area is really hard right now, its really hard to find people to teach we have been tracking a lot and trying to find people to teach but its not easy. We can only do our best. I will write a letter tonight cause I got pictures today so I will send some tomorrow! I am glad you had a good time in Michigan, it sounded pretty fun. Well I better get going, send anything you want if you send it within the next week I can get it at transfer conference. Well Elder Merrill or I will be leaving this transfer because his companion has been in Bayonne for 6 months or 4 transfers so he can pick it up if I don’t end up leaving. I love you guys tons you guys are awesome the best ever. Write me soon and have a good week! Can you give Grandmas email so I can tell her happy birthday, thanks. Well again I love you tons.
Love, Elder Wells

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