Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
Hi Mom and Dad!

Well sounds like things back home are going pretty good. Bayonne is great I love it here we are doing great! I am hoping that I stay another transfer maybe even 2 that would be sweet! Dan that lives here from AZ might be leaving to go back home soon because he has been going to the doctor and I guess there is something wrong with his heart he has a really slow heart only when resting and stuff but when he is active its normal, so they are releasing him from the Coast Guard he is getting a pace maker and a heart monitor so he thinks he might be leaving in a couple weeks. I was trying to think if I could give him anything to take to you guys, I know he would. We are way tight! He still says that is he going to come to my home coming and he is going to bring me a Fillaberto's burrito! That is good to hear about Morgan, tell him it will be worth it I promise! I am glad that you are such a good Mom, thanks for always sending me good things, and taking care of the Mesa Elders. It means a lot! I love you tons have a good week love you.
Love, Elder Wells

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