Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
Hey. How are you? Well sounds like your doing pretty good. Things are great here. How was your trip to Colorado? I bet that was pretty fun, getting to see the grandkids. I bet they were really excited to see you! It has been a really good week we have seen much success in finding people we tracked a ton this week, we knocked on doors for 17.5 hours this week. We found a couple of less actives that have been a great help to our Branch in prior years. Its crazy how the Lord puts you before these people and at the time you may not realize it, but things always happen for reasons. We drove around this block like 4 times because we were early to a appointment that we had with a former investigator, one of our less active members lives pretty close so finally we wasted enough time and decided to go to the investigators house, we parked the car and we walked for about 2 min and all the sudden we heard Sis Jackson, she said “ Hey Elders”, and of course I said Sis. Jackson, “ How are you?” and “We have missed you”, We have been trying to get a hold of you, we have stopped by at least 10 times. She had moved and her phone had been disconnected but we got her new phone number. Miracles are happening every day, that was just a couple days ago. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures and the videos. If you can send me back a blank memory card, the one I am using now is getting full.. The GPS works great! Thanks so much for getting it for me! We used it to get to Stake Conference. There is 2 or 3 stakes in Northern New Jersey so I got to see about 20 missionaries at the Caldwell Stake Conference. I am hoping that I am staying in Bayonne, I think I will. Elder Jackman and I will probably stay together. I will more than likely stay at least 1 more transfer or maybe 2 more, that would be really cool. Oh yeah Dan already went home the one from AZ he was not supposed to leave for like 3 or 4 weeks but we went and saw him like last Thursday and he left Friday morning because he has a doctors appointment tomorrow in Mesa I gave him the house number and your cell phone number I told him that you guys wanted to take him out to eat. Hopefully he calls you soon. I think that is basically it for now. I love you guys a lot, Have a good week!
Love, Colten

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