Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Hi Mom and Dad!

How are you doing? Sounds like you had a pretty good time in Colorado! I bet it was great to see the grandkids again. Things here are great, we have transfers coming up this next week. I hope I stay in Bayonne. I talked with our Zone Leaders yesterday and they said that they put in for me and Elder Jack man to stay together in Bayonne, which would be great! I love it here, so we will see what happens. It has been another great week, we keep meeting great people. But we are not having much success in getting them to church. Things in New Jersey are just a little harder. I know that is why I am here, I will continue to work hard. I will hit my 6 month mark on Friday! I wanted you to send me a Applebee’s gift card. Elder Jackman and I are going to celebrate my 6 months and his 3 months at Applebee’s, but we don’t have any money right now so its kind of hard to without money. Everything is great! Thursday I am going to see a foot doctor cause my toe nails are still falling off and I have a ingrown toe nail, but it should be alright. I have been learning how to make some good food lately I can make fried rice now, and also empanadas which are really good! I love you guys, I hope everything is going good at home.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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