Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Hi Mom and Dad!

Well it has been an alright week we have been working hard, still trying to find people. We always find people that have a strong interest in the gospel, we teach them, they are so willing to listen, and pray with us. We give them the challenge to come to church, and they don’t come. I am staying positive and being a good example, I know that someone will hear our message and take the things we are teaching and become strong in the gospel. I am staying in Bayonne which I am very happy about. They took our car to give to another companionship. The mission had 6 Elders leave this week, and we got 13 new Elders. Since our area is one of the smallest, they turned it into a walking area. I guess it is somewhat of a trial, and we might get a car back if it doesn’t work. The only tough part is going to be walking and finding out bus routes to take us places because we don’t know the bus system at all. It will all work out, because it always does when we have the faith. This last week has been pretty busy, with going to the Doctors; oh my in grown toenail isn’t that bad. When the doctor pushed on it, it really didn’t hurt. They did give me some cream for the fungus, I have to put it on 2 times a day, and it is getting better already. I also had to have some blood tests, so they would know what kind of medicine to give me. I use my medical card for the visits and prescriptions, but I do have to pay the co-pay. With all of that going on last week we didn’t have much time to do to a lot of missionary work. Well tell Dad thanks for the package I enjoyed it, the Alaska fish was good, and I loved the pictures! I am glad that Grandpa is feeling better, and so happy to hear that he came thru the surgery for his pacemaker. He is a trooper for sure! Tell Grandpa to write me that would be great I like to here from him! Oh to answer your questions, yes I hear from Chad, he is supposed to send me a Russian hat..I also hear from Bryce. Logan and I email every week too. I hope you guys have a good week.I Love you both so much.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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