Well things here are alright seems like you guys are having a good time back home for sure. Well Bayonne is getting pretty cold or I am getting pretty cold! This morning when we left to come to the library it was 46 degrees that’s pretty cold for a Arizona kid! My toes are getting better or at least they look a little better there not bothering me at all. We are still figuring the bus situation out its kind of rough, but not to bad. The Spanish Elders we live with still have there car so we get a lot of rides from them which is pretty cool. Things here are a little slow, but we did have one of our investigators come to the last session of General Conference on Sunday so that was pretty cool. I got to watch all the sessions of General Conference plus the Priesthood Session, it was great! You asked which one was my favorite talks, my favorite talk was with Joseph B.Wirthlin I really liked his talk because I like how he said just laugh when things are bad not get mad at things just laugh at them that was pretty cool. Another of my favorite speakers was Pres. Eyring man that guy is so humble, I love him, everyone of his talks were amazing! The sprit was just strong and heartfelt, I loved it. So Jay and Tina got rid of there truck and got a Mazda? That will be so much better on gas. Yes, you are right, I am glad I am not buying gas right now. You said that Jay still has my car? How is work coming along? I forgot to send Shelly a card so tell her Happy Birthday for me. I know it was a couple weeks ago. Everything here is pretty good. Thanks for the Applebee's gift card, since we don't have a car, it is pretty far, but we are going to make it there today for lunch. Our roomies, Elder Merrill and Elder Flack are taking us there. Well I hope everything is good there, I am glad to here Dad has a full crew and making some money! I love you guys a ton! Have a good week.

Love, Elder Colten Wells


Dena Dewey said...

I'm afraid he is going to get a lot colder. Wirthlins' was my favorite too!

I sure miss these boys.

John Paul & Stella Wesley said...

Daniel is not liking the cold either. He misses Arizona weather, and it has not really gotten that cold yet. I bet they will have a white Christmas!