8 months served

Hey Mom and Dad!
How is it going ? Well the area is great we are working hard, its hard some times because our area is so big. We are doing all we can. I got yours and Dad's letters a couple days ago. Sorry I was so late to email today, we took our car in because the heater is not working very well, so the dealership is fixing it. The Elders we live with went to choir practice today so we sat at the house all morning, I did laundry while they were gone. Laundry is expensive here we use the one below us in our complex it cost 5 bucks to wash and dry are clothes which is to much but what can you do? The people here are really nice we get fed quite a bit we have 2 set appointments to eat on Thanksgiving but we have a couple people were going to stop by and get left overs everybody wants to feed you here we could have had 20 appointments if we wanted. Well today is 8 months thats crazy time is still flying by which is good we will be able to talk before you know its just right around the corner. Everything is going good here, I hope everything is good there. Tomorrow morning me and Eder Marble are going to our Wards Turkey Bowl we are going to play football at 9 tomorrow which should be pretty fun. I hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving and a good week tell everyone "hello" for me. I love you guys tons! Love, Elder Colten Wells

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You have been serving 8 months and you brother has 8 months left. 8 months is good!