What....bed bugs? another thing for us to fret about?

Hey Mom and Dad.
What is up? Well things are good as normal around here. We are working hard, but it is so hard to find people here, we are not having much success tracking, so were trying to do lots of member work which is also pretty hard but we are pushing it alot with members and the members here are really cool. They love us so much its crazy they feed us 24-7 really every body wants to feed us. Thanksgiving was great we ate at 3 different places and also had dessert at somebodys house we got tons of left overs . We still have left overs so its good. We were broke last month so everybody was giving us food. The Haley's are the sweetest people in the world they are an older couple yes, they are members. We were doing service at their house yesterday morning so I asked him to call you and of course he did. They are so good to the missionaries its crazy they bought us grocceris the other day,like 40 or 50 bucks worth then they callled us last night and said hey do you guys want to go bowling in the morning? So we were like sure so we went bowling then they took us to go get subs it was great. The nicest people ever. I am sure they are going to call you guys on Christmas they said they call every year ,for the missionaries in there ward, and have done it like 15 years now, so you will really enjoy them . (side note-Colten lost his camera so Bro Haley called and I sent Colten a new camea, Merry Christmas Colten!) I don't really know what happened to my camera to be honest I had it Thursday morning we had a big thanksgiving turkey bowl game with everybody in our Ward and then every since then I haven' t seen it but I know I knowitwas put in our car but I can't find it anywhere hopefully it shows up that would be great. Ineed to send my memory card home. Yeah, if my camera doesn't show up then I guess I lost the ones that were on the card but what can you do? Lets see whats else I havent told you, but we have bed bugs at our house they are eating Elder Eautough alive he has been bitten like 40 times. So they are coming to spray our house on Friday but also we are looking for a new place to live cause we have a crazy lady that lives below us that is always freaking out on us. We found a new place which is really nice like 2 times the size of house we live in now ,so that would be good we are going to look at it at with Elder and Sister Nielsen they are the finacial consultents for our mission. Hopefully we get that place its way nicer than ours. Mark's baptisam was postponed I have to call Elder Jackman and find out when it will be. I haven't asked President Bahr if I will be able to attend or not. I am sure he will probably let me go. I gave a talk in church last week Elder Marble and I did, I spoke on missionary work it was good, I guess . At least people said it was good, but who knows .Thanks so much for the new camera ,you guys are amazing I should be getting the package today because the Spanish Elders went to the office today and they should be home soon then I will see what I got.It has cooled down a little but Friday it is supposed to be really cold again. I love you guys so much ! Thanks for everything have a good week. Love, Elder ColtenWells

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