New Area and Companion

Hey Mom and Dad!
How are you doing ? Well things here are good. I am in Scotch Plains now, the new area is huge. We have a car, this area is not even possible without a car. I like it here, we are in a Ward,which is really nice. This is the first Ward I have been in since I have been on my mission. It is great the people are really nice here, we get dinner appointments too. Elder Marble and I get along great. We came out together so that is really cool, we are working hard! The members always want things or need things so we dont do a ton of tracking because there is so many people in the ward we had 110 people in church last week. We are working with a really cool guy name D*** he was a huge drug addict but he has been clean since the missionarys met him 2 months ago he is really cool he is on parole right now he goes to jail on the weekends he only has like 3 weekends left. He is going to come to church which will be really good. It has been pretty cold here, yesterday was 38 the whole week is pretty cold the warmest day is 41. I have stayed warm. I could use a couple pairs of thermal garments for under my pants. I wore the thermals you sent me the other day and I stayed warm so a couple more pairs would be nice. Because its only going to get colder. I think my coat is okay for now. I could use a fleece jacket, a black zip up one that I could put underneath my coat. I think that would be pretty good that is what a lot of Elders have or if its not that cold I can just where the fleece jacket. Well you can send packages to the house, but I woundn't send anything of any value, just send that to the mission office. Scotch Plains has alot of everything ,there is some ghetto and normal and rich we cover like 5 cites. The ward mission leader is pretty cool, we are going to see him tonight. The people here are willing to come out with us which is pretty cool. We have a Thanksgiving appointment to eat at. We are trying to get a couple more. Tell everyone Hello for me! Thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Wells
Here is some pictures of the leaves changing colors, and a wild turkey!


Judd said...

It sounds pretty cold, 34 degrees burrr... What a great Missionary!! I am glad he has a dinner appointment for Thanksgiving.

Dena Dewey said...

Great idea on the fleece jacket! Colten sounds wonderful!