The bed bugs are gone!

Hey Mom and Dad
How are you guys doing? Things here are pretty good. Well, I got the package you sent the other day it was great, the fleece jacket was exactly what I needed. Oh, the garments you sent me were just regular garments, I wanted a couple pair of the thermal garments cause its getting cold. Maybe in the next package? It is crazy to think that in 15 days, we get to talk. Time is just flying by way to fast. We went to New York yesterday it was pretty fun we had a good time, we went to the Manhattan Temple it was great to get to go. I haven't been for 6 months so that was really good, I miss that the most. I really enjoyed going before my mission. Oh, I love that new camera the zoom is great the other one didn't zoom very much. Thanks again so much sending me a new one. I am going to be sending home some christmas cards can you send them to people for me. We are going to get them printed today. The Allen's sent me a christmas card with the family picture and 10 bucks to Mcdonalds which was really nice of them. Oh, don't write to my address anymore, write to the mission office they will just forward it to where were living. We are moving next week. I think on Tuesday, we will go to our new place which is really nice it is in Scotch Plains, it has 2 seperate bathrooms and showers and big rooms and everything. We had some profesional place come and spray our place for bed bugs,e we had to move everything out of the place we had to wash every single piece of our clothing, so the mission is paying for all of our stuff to get dry cleaned and wash all of our clothes it was a crazy process that we went through for the bed bugs. I am so glad we dont have them anymore! I had to spend like 60 bucks to do everything but the mission is paying us back which is good. Everything else is going good. Thanks again for everything, you guys are amazing. I did sent Dad a birthday card so hopefully it gets there by Friday, wow he is a big 50, that is so crazy! I hope you have a good week. You are the best parents ever.
Love, ELderWells

Here are some photos from New York City.

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