Last letter of 2008

Hey Mom and Dad!
How is it goin? Well things are great here! We have had a great week we are starting to see some success so thats always good. We got a media referral from this lady who ,wanted a bible so we went and took her one, her name is Deborah she is a nice lady. We set a appointment to come back and visit her, and when we did we taught her half the first and half the second lesson so it went great. She had tears in her eyes, she felt the spirit like crazy! Her daughter was there and she loved learning too. We went back again yesterday with Brother Zollinger and shared the plan of salvation and answered all of her questions. Wow the spirit was super strong and they both loved it. Deborah told us that when she looks at me or when ever I say anything I bring tears to her eyes which is pretty cool! We told her that is the spirit, she liked when we told her about the 3 degrees of heaven she said that is more true than her church so that was also pretty cool ! So it has been a good week. I did get the package on Monday, thanks so much! No I never got the card from Grandma. I don't know what happened to that. Well I hope you guys have a Happy New Year! I am going to send you home a memory card it had about 130 pictures on it and I don't know what happened, but they erased? One of my roomates tried to recover them, they came up but they wouldn't go back on the card, so don't use the card, maybe you can try and recover the pictures? Well tonight were going to the Acompra family tonight, they are having like 5 families over so we are going over there to eat. We have to be in by 6:00 tonight because of New Years eve. I hope you guys have fun eating a nice big steak, I sure miss good old steak, thats for sure! I hope you guys have a have a happy new year! Thanks again for everything you are amazing! I love you guys have a good week.
Love, Elder Wells

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Dena Dewey said...

What a wonderful week! It must be amazing to be able to teach the Gospel to those that are ready to hear it. I sure miss our boys!! Happy New Year.