The best week of my mission!

Well, how are you doing? Things here have been amazing, probably one of the best weeks of my mission! Last week was great also, everything is starting to work out. I have a couple of stories for you, the Lord has helped us so much lately. Well we have been teaching Deborah and Rosa they are progressing. Deborah's step father's name is Judge, he ran out the door the first time we came over and the next time he went and hid in his room. We went over there last Sunday, he let us in and we were talking to him for a minute and we were talking about us and being sick and he said that he would never have a sick day for fishing so we started talking about fishing and hunting we talked for about 30 to 40 min straight and it was all about hunting and stuff. We were like best friends when we left. It was great, remember before he would not even talk to us. We even had a prayer with him before we left! The spirit was so strong. We are going back on Thursday and I told Judge we are coming back and we have to talk some more, he was like alright sounds good. Could you send me some picture of the all heads? That would be great I told him I would show him some pictures. Could you send me some of Dad's Africa animals too? That is Judge's dream to go to Africa. I know that he would really love to see them. The next thing is we try and get members to come with us to appointments. Last week was the only time my whole mission that we ever had 5 member present which was great. This week we have potential for 11 member presents we had a member call us yesterday and say hey my girlfriend is here and she wants you guys to come over and teach her. Her name is Jenn so we went over and taught her and she really liked it. We are going back tonight at 7 to teach her more. After tonight we will have 5 member presents and its only Wednesday so we are seeing miracles like crazy right now! I know that the Lords hand is in the work 100 percent and we are seeing it everyday! We are also still teaching Jeff, we went back and taught him again and he is doing great and we are going to commit him to be baptised. We go see him on Monday. Everything is going so good, its kinda crazy how everything has picked up so suddenly. Well I guess I will keep the thermals, its been pretty cold. I have managed to keep warm. Friday is supposed to be pretty cold its says it will be a high of 15 and a low of 7 with the wind chill it will be in the negatives. Tomorrow night is supposed to be 3 which is dang cold. It is about 20 right now and windy,so it makes it worse but its all good. Oh, when I was sick it was headache with runny nose and head congestion, but I am fine now. And we are also getting sprayed for bed bugs again tomorrow. I guess they are back. My companion and one the spanish Elders are getting bit, but I am not so its not too bad. We have to wash all of our stuff in hot water again. Sounds likeyou guys are doing good, things here are great! I got Grandma's card I will write her. Please send some the pictures of the stuff I asked for that would be great! I love you and appreciate everything you do for me! Thanks for the love and support.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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