Modern Miracles

Letter January, 21st, 2009

Hi Mom and Dad!
Well things are good here. We had another amazing week we are seeing miracles like crazy which is good of course. We went to see Deborah and Ross and they wern't there but Judge was so we went in and talked with him and he was really nice to us again we talked for about 45 minutes then I said Judge can I share one of my favorite scriptures with you before we leave out of the BOM? He said yeah that would be great so I shared Alma 34:21 which he liked of course and then he told us how his wife died in September this is a big looking biker guy mean looking everything he started to cry like crazy it was really sad as he told us what was going on he said that he felt like a piece of his heart was missing so we said Judge we want to come back and share with you this plan that we share the plan of happiness or plan of salvation he said that would be great when are you coming back we said how about wed night so were going there tonight at 6 o'clock to teach him its going to be great also we started to teach a couple of other people there from nigeria so we went and gave them all BOM's and we taught the restoration to them they loved it we went back yesterday morning and he was reading the BOM and he said this thing is powerful he said he had the goose bumps as he was reading it and we haven't met his Mom but he said that his Mom started reading it and she couldn't put it down she read till 11:30 at night so we have been seeing miracles like crazy. The work is going really good in this area I am loving it so much. So lets see everything is going really well almost 10 months thats crazy how time is just flying right on by. The Cardinals are going to the super bowl thats great I watched about 3 min of the game so it was pretty cool! Oh, can you send me the hymns that sing that would be great there are alot of good hymns and I would like to listen to them in the car, if you can get those for me but just make sure they are the ones that sing the hymns with the music that would be great. I sure do love you guys a ton you are so good to us. We have been invited to go and watch the super bowl with a couple of our investigatorsbut we may go to Judges and watch a couple minutes with them. I hope the Cardinals can win that would be great! Mark has a new baptisimal date for February 3rd, so hopefully he still gets baptised. I am hoping the bed bugs are gone for good this time! Yeah, I might be getting bit but I haven't felt it yet or had any bumps on me so good so far. I am not taking medicine for my feet anymore but they look alot better now. Elder Marble and I are getting along pretty good. The Elder's in our house are great we play basketball every morning together so thats always fun. The acics shoes I brought are already all tore up also. The members are still feeding us so good. Some members fed us lobster and king crab a couple weeks ago, I thought I was in heaven it was so amazing. A member is taking us to a all you can eat buffet today that has crab legs so I love that of course. Well a member present is where the members come with us to the teaching appointment or we teach in there home it helps so much more because they have a friend so its pretty good. The members help us so much here they will do anything for us its great. Our transfers are 4th also I should be staying cause my companion has been here 6 months but I will see, I hope I stay! Well sounds like everything is going good with work and everything else. Keep going to the temple its amazing there. Well we were at the laundry mat doing all of our clothes from the bed bugs when the plane landed in the hudson river, remember those pictures I sent home? They are on the Hudson front, the ones where I am standing with New York in the background but thats in our mission its like where Jersey City is kinda crazy. Well I hope you have a good week, I love you all so much, Thanks so much for everything!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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