From Betty, in Scotch Plains

This is an email I recieved from a lady, that lives in Scotch Plains. What a great tender mercy to know that Colten is serving with such love and kindness. Awww, I miss him!

Hi Kim
Elder Wells was such a great help to me today. I left this am on my first solo outing in almost four months. I wanted to try and pick up a few groceries but was unable to. When I got back to the house the guys were there and helped me get out of the car. They then went to the store and picked up a few groceries. Most important they got my bed so the mattress is on the floor. It was really high and I have been having trouble getting in and out of bed. Elder Wells then read a beautiful story from the December Ensign. How blessed I am to have him here at his time. The Elders have always been helpful but Elder Wells is so sincere in his willingness to help. Yesterday they went to a nursing home were a friend/neighbor is recuperating and gave her a blessing. She is a non member. Her daughter, who is a really good friend, is so grateful that they visited her. We spent some time talking about the family and about his plans when he gets off his mission. What field he would like to study. What a wonderful young man he is.
Love, Betty

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Stephanie said...

how fun to hear such wonderful things about your boy.

i'd love that, but i'm afraid i wouldn't understand the spanish!

it sounds like colten is doing great things.