Transfer time, I am staying!

Letter February 4th, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad...
How are things going? Things here are amazing its crazy how things are going as of now. I am staying here in Scotch Plains for another transfer my companion is leaving he doesn't know where he is going but he doesnt really care. I don't have a clue who my new companion is, but I am sure it will be fine. Oh, I got a call Saturday night from the assistants and I am DL also thats pretty crazy, that Logan and I are both DL's . Well the work here is still going really well we went and saw Deborah, Rosa and Judge last night we set them with a baptisimal date for February 22nd for all 3 of them so that was pretty good they all said "YES".They are progressing really well. We also we have this girl name Karla who we are teaching she is from El Salvador, she speaks perfect english her Aunt is a Young Women's President in El Salvador so she got on the internet and ordered a BOM. We had a member pick her up for church last Sunday she loved it so we are going to talk about baptism with her also and we have a couple more that were going to set like Jeff too. It has been been pretty crazy lately in a good way, really busy with everyone though. Sounds like everything is going really good for you guys at home. Betty is a nice lady, we really do a ton of stuff for her but I don't mind .Thanks for that last package it was great I love the mesh garments they are there comfortable! Again thanks for all of it your the best. Well I did some acics to play basketball. Everything is really good! I also have to tell you about these 2 other people we met Reese and Nancy they are way cool they have a couple mormon friends they love mormons, they fed us dinner then we went there Sunday we watched a little of the Superbowl and they fed us again. We just shoveld there snow this morning, they are like in there 60's but really cool. It snowed all day yesterday which was pretty cool ,we got a couple inches. Today is high is like 28 which is pretty cold! Tell everyone "Hello", I love you guys.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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