Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
Hey, How is it going? Things are great here. We are having a great time here, we set another baptisimal date for March 15th with Jeff he is 16 he is Errin's boyfriend he said yes so that should be good. I am just learning so much out here its great I love it more everyeday. Oh about my District, there is 6 in my district 4 Sisters and my companion and I. The Zone Leaders came to my District meeting on Monday, also the assistants but they said it was great. Then Monday I went on exchanges with my Zone Leaders which went really well. We are just seeing miracles each day which is great. We have a great week ahead of us which should be really good! I cannot believe how fast time is flying, wow 11 months tomorrow! Logan is going to be home really soon, man time is a crazy thing, huh? Is time going fast for you guys? I hope that it is going really fast because it is for me thats for sure. Oh,could you send me a pencil high lighter from the book store? I think you know what I am talkiing about there is like 1o colors in it alot of missionaries have them and I have used theirs a couple of times. Well I love you both thanks for everything you guys rock! I hope you have a good week!
Love, Elder Wells

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