March 11th, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad, Thanks for the pencil and the memory cards they are great! Thanks so much.It has been a pretty good week. We don't really have anyone with a really solid date its been pretty tough but its all good we are working hard and that is all that matters. Well that kinda stinks that Cyndi came down and you had jury duty well you are right things do happen for certain reasons but you know that. That is cool that you guys were combined with the spanish branch I love spanish people I am learning some spanish I can communicate pretty well. Wow, Logan will be coming home really soon, that is crazy and I will be at hump day really soon thats even crazier, I can't believe it sometimes. Thanks for the pictures of Tristan he is so cute I can't wait to play with him when I get home that will be so fun! Well lets see you know we are 3 hours apart now we have day light savings out here so on Sunday we are 3 hours apart again. I will send home some pictures really soon with a letter and the news letter too. Sounds like things are goingwell back home. I hope you guys have a great week like I said things are good here, I love you all. Tell Jayson to email me I emailed him and he didn't write me back. Tell everyone "hello"! LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD ONE.

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