Wednesday, May 27th,2009
Hi Family!
Well things are going well here. ZL is a little tiring a times but it is all right thats for sure. We have been tracking a lot to find new people to teach, which is good we are working with a lot of people but not to many that are close to baptism. We are going to be inviting some people this week for baptism thats for sure. The memory card you sent was amazing, make some more videos please, that was like one of the best things I have gotten because I got to see you guys and it is cool. I know you think they are lame because you guys see each other all day everyday but I haven't seen you guys in 14 months so I love to see stuff from you guys! Oh and no my car wasn.t in the videos you said in the video that Jayson had my car and he needed to bring it back so it wasnt in any videos. Oh and take some videos of Dad and some of you too Mom, just take a bunch of random things and I will love it so don,t worry. Oh, I need a couple more white short sleeve shirts the ones from last year are really nasty, I had to throw 2 away. I just opened all the ones you sent me last year but I only have like 4 really clean white ones so if you could send me a couple more that would be great. Oh,and l like the non button collars now I realized there way better than the button ones, remember at first I wanted the button ones? Well I am glad I didn't get them because the non button ones are way better. So if you could do that it would be amazing you don't have to get the expensive CTR shirts I know those are expensive this is my last summer out here. The weather here is so crazy today it is like 55 degrees out side and in 3 days it will probably be about 90 so the weather here is nothing like I have ever seen thats for sure. You are the best thats for sure. Everything is good here! I love the gospel, and love serving here for sure! THANKS for everything you do. I hope you guys have a good week. You rock Mom, I love you!
Elder Colten Wells

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