Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
Hi Family!
How are you all doing? I am great! I got both packages today. I am wearing one of the new shirts right now. The ones that are 16.5 they fit great. My new companion is Elder Quirino,he is 1 transfer younger than me. He just got called to be a ZL which is cool, so I am the senior companion already which is pretty crazy that is for sure! Oh and thank you for the gift cards as well. Well this morning we were playing b-ball and I hurt my little finger, I showed it to President Bahr today and he said I probably fractured it its all purple and blue and super swollen. I am fine they said I have to go get xrays tomorrow, so who knows? Don't freak out about it I am fine it hurts pretty bad but I am okay Mom... (Hum, I guess he knows me? I am really not freaking out, it is just a finger....) President said they will probably just put it in a little finger splint. I hope everything is good for you guys. I have been doing great on my dieting, and broke 200 pounds this week. I am losing some weight. I am staying in my area for at least another transfer. My companion Elder Dixon is leaving man we have worked so hard. Thanks again for everything you do. I love you guys have a good week.

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